V60 Plastic Dripper, Transparent 02


A medium sized V60 coffee dripper, in transparent plastic. Filters and servers sold separately. It’s designed to be compatible with Hario’s 02 servers and filters, serving 1–4 cups of coffee comfortably. It’s lightweight and durable – we always pack one when travelling away from home!


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Pour over is a favourite brewing method of many Third Wave baristas and coffee lovers. It allows all of the flavours of your coffee to shine out and makes for a cleaner, sweeter and more balanced cup than other methods. If you want to explore the incredible range of tasting notes produced by different growing origins, bean processing and roasting profiles, it’s hard to beat the pour over.

One can become very involved with getting the variables (water temperature, grind, dose, pour technique) precise and consistent but the actual process is very simple – it’s difficult to make a bad cup if you’re using a good bean. (Shout out to our excellent roasters, Pharmacie ) It makes a lovely drink that is best enjoyed and savoured slowly, like a pot of tea or a bottle of wine. We don’t think it needs or suits the addition of any kind of milk. We’d urge you to get into it if you’re not already a fan ☺