Rosalina Ramos, Honduras


Tasting Notes: 

Juicy mandarin, cola and redcurrants with rich body and sugary, cinder toffee finish


PROCESS: Anaerobic fermentation
: Tierra Colorada
TYPE: Ihcafe 90

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The cherries are picked, then, in the afternoon are put into plastic barrels without oxygen to anaerobic fermentation for 72 hours, then, the cherries are de-pulped and the parchment is put directly over raised beds (African beds) to dry for 20 – 25 days with the mucilage to get Anaerobic Honey process.
Rosalina comes from a town that is 50 km away from Cabañas, her family has always worked growing corn, beans, and dairy cattle in the lowlands, but she has always been interested in growing coffee.


Three years ago, after her children got married and some of them moved to other regions of the country, Rosalina bought a plot of land in Cabañas, and that same year she decided to plant it with Catimor coffee, even though she had no experience with coffee.


Her brother-in-law helps her with the farm activities such as weeding, fertilizing, and spraying for Roya, she only comes during the harvest season, she comes to live nearby to harvest the coffee.


Currently, she is very enthusiastic to continue working hard because she knows that her coffee has good quality potential and sells very well.

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