Gaseke, Rwanda


Tasting Notes: Bright & boozy notes of prickly pear & honeydew melon with a rounded sugary finish

OWNER: 390+ growers working with Rwacof
PROCESS: Natural
TYPE: Bourbon
ALTITUDE: 1486 masl


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There are 396 farmers who work the land surrounding Gaseke station and deliver cherry to the station. Of those farmers, nearly one-quarter are female and another one-quarter are youth. Farmers in the region frequently intercrop coffee with rice, potatoes and maize. These crops typically serve as long-lasting food crops that provide sustenance for the family throughout the year.

Rwacof invests heavily in farmer training and good agricultural practices, primarily through our sustainability partner, the Kahawatu Foundation. Rwacof’s Farmer Field School shares information with all their producer partners on best agricultural practices, conservation tactics, the importance of picking only ripe cherry and more.

Furthermore, Rwacof invests significant focus and resources on improving the financial situation of the farmers with whom they work. Annual bonuses are always distributed once the coffee is sold; however, as part of Sucafina’s innovative Farmer Hub program, instead of giving these second payments in cash, Rwacof has negotiated favorable rates with a wide-reaching African bank. Thanks to this new partnership, farmers are equipped with zero-fee accounts that have no monthly account maintenance fees, no transfer costs and no withdrawal costs.

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Weight 250 g
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Wholebean, V60, Aeropress, French Press