El Palto, Peru


Tasting notes: Blackberry crumble & black tea with hazelnut & chocolate orange syrupy finish

Process: Washed

Producer: 5 El Palto village smallholders
Type: Caturra, typica, castillo, catimor
Altitude: 1670-1715 MASL




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El Palto is a village in the Bellavista district, close to the city of Jaen. El Palto sits around 1600masl and all of the producers we work with are situated above the village centre. This lot is a blend of coffee from 5 different producers in the village, all of whom own around 1 to 2 hectares of coffee and mostly grow caturra and castillo varieties. These producers pick and process their coffee themselves before drying it on lined patios for around 10 days. Once dry, the producer travels to the city of Jaen to deliver the coffee to the Falcon Coffees warehouse, where the coffee is cupped and graded.

Falcon have 24 registered producers in the Bellavista district and the main varieties they grow are caturra, typica and castillo or catimor. The most vulnerable producers are those that are unassociated – those who aren’t members of a cooperative, association or organisation – and they represent 75% of producers in Northern Peru. These producers don’t have access to training sessions or premiums for quality or certifications, and their income is totally dependent on the market price. Often, local aggregators – a buyer who lives in the same area – will
come to the farm or house of a producer and buy their coffee for cash before selling it on; in some cases, directly to an exporter or more often to other traders and middlemen. This results in the producer being paid very little for their
coffee and a lot of quality coffee is lost.

Falcon’s shift in approach to sourcing allows long term relationships directly with farmers, improving the coffee quality from these areas and increase producer
household income through access to quality premiums.

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Weight 250 g
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whole bean, espresso, stovetop, aeropress, french press