Edier Perdomo, Colombia


Tasting Notes:  Bright sweet notes of strawberry juice & Grand Marnier with a marzipan & cocoa finish

PRODUCER: Edier Perdomo & Family

TYPE: Red, pink & striped Bourbon


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Edier Perdomo’s family farm, Buenavista is located in the Pitalito region of Colombia. Unlike many smallholder coffee farmers in the area, Edier is a certified Q grader & has appointed his own wet mill & drying facility to ensure that his crops are prepared immaculately post-harvest.

The farm grows Bourbon varietal Arabica, alongside the more common Caturra and Colombia, with this lot being comprised of red bourbon as well as the less common pink & striped mutations. In order to future-proof his farm, Edier intercrops his coffee plants with the indigenous Tephrosia tree which is fast growing & enriches the soil with nitrogen as well as protecting the area from landslides.

This is the second year we have bought from Edier & his family & it is an honour to work with his coffee which is beautifully fruit forward & complex in the cup.

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Weight 250 g
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whole bean, espresso, stovetop, aeropress, french press