Beatriz Giraldo, Colombia


Tasting Notes: Tangy notes of Cointreau & dark chocolate dipped mango, with full sugary body

PRODUCER: Beatriz Giraldo & family

PROCESS: Extended Fermentation

TYPE: Colombia, castillo

ALTITUDE: 1450-1600 MASL




Finca La Esperanza is located in Risaralda in the municipality of Pereria. In 2002, the family farm administration was passed on to Beatriz Giraldo, providing livelihoods for her daughter Lucia, her son Pedro, as well as herself.

Together the family manage the farm focusing on producing higher quality lots by implementing alternative fermentation processes to achieve a more complex cup profile. This lot has an extra dry fermentation phase where the washed and sorted cherries are placed in sealed bags for a period of time before pulping and washing. Pedro is a certified Q grade processor & both he and his sister Lucia are biologists, their expertise adding to the quality & market value of this unique coffee.

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Grind Quality

whole bean, espresso, stovetop, aeropress, french press