Ana Sora, Ethiopia


Tasting Notes: Tempranillo grape & redcurrant juiciness with a lasting caster sugar & dark chocolate finish


PRODUCER: Israel Degfa

LOCATION: Guji, Oromia


TYPE: Heirloom



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In 2018, Israel Degfa began construction of Ana Sora washing station, using the river as a source of water to facilitate the processing of washed coffee, used both by the plantation & by small producers in the surrounding area. Israel offers assistance to these farmers through education on cultivation techniques & financial support. The washing station focuses on quality: about 20 containers of coffee washed every year are produced, of which 85% is of specialty quality.

The cherries are brought by the surrounding farmers who deliver the cherries directly to the washing station or in individual collection centres that serve the most remote areas. The first part of the harvest is typically used for washed preparations, while natural coffees are produced with the second part.

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Weight 250 g
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Aeropress, V60, French Press, Wholebean