About Us

Stooge is an independent speciality coffee shop, based in the heart of the America Ground, Hastings. 

All our coffees are traceably sourced and expertly roasted by Pharmacie Coffee Roasters , based locally, in Lewes. Pharmacie buy coffee in small lots and rotate both espresso and filter roast beans often. Our tea is from Postcard Teas in London, produced on small farms to allow for greater transparency and a healthier, more equitable relationship between tea producer and tea seller that celebrates provenance.

Supporting fair, sustainable farming practices and the knowledge and passion of our suppliers is an essential part of our ethos. Our job is to showcase and honour the hard work and skill of everyone who has had a role in creating the drinks we serve. We have an espresso machine, multiple pour over drippers, a gaiwan or two and a solid haldi doodh recipe so there’s hopefully something for everyone on our drinks menu.

We are lucky to share a neighbourhood with The Hastings Bookshop, Wow and Flutter, Trinity Wholefoods Workers’ Cooperative, Cheese-on-Sea, Dyke & Dean, The Printworks and the beautifully restored Hastings Library amongst others –  if you’re new to town and enjoy books, music, homewares or artisan food, you need to explore the America Ground!

Stu, Dan & Ai














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If you’d ever like to pretend you are sipping your coffee back inside the shop, we’ve dumped some stuff from the Stooge playlists in the link below.



Please add stuff you’d like to listen to when we can next hang out together in the cafe through the Spotify link below

(it’s currently based off the recommendations customers used to leave on the toilet chalkboard. One day you’ll be able to use it again… <3 )