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The shop has reopened but we’ve teamed up with Hastings Cargo Co who can deliver your goods to you, emissions free, by electric cargo bike for a small fee on Fridays. Please choose this option at the check out or click and collect for free from the shop when we’re open (10-4 Tue-Fri, 10-5 Sat).

We are a small operation and, like many businesses, are quickly having to adapt to the current situation. Please be understanding of this and feel free to get in touch  if you have any questions about your order:

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Be well and we’ll look forward to seeing you (at a safe distance) on a delivery round soon!





About Us

Stooge is an independent speciality coffee shop, based in the heart of the America Ground, Hastings. Currently open for outdoor stays and takeaways.

All our coffees are ethically sourced and expertly roasted by Pharmacie Coffee Roasters, based just along the coast in Hove. Supporting fair, sustainable farming practices and the knowledge and passion of our roasters is an essential part of our ethos. We believe this is what makes our coffees so special, being able to showcase the hard work and skills of our coffee community is a joy we love sharing with our customers. 

 Since we’re unable to safely host you all inside the cafe,  we’re still keen to  keep you supplied at home with beans and brewing kit. If you were curious about the world of pour over coffee, or the benefits of the AeroPress, now could be a good time to start exploring!

We know some newcomers to speciality coffee brewing can find making the first steps a bit overwhelming but, while it’s possible to get very scientific with it, the basic processes can be very simple. Our farmers and roasters have done a lot of the work for you and it’s actually pretty difficult to make a bad cup of coffee from a good quality bean. Please do get in touch  if you have any questions about how to brew coffee at home:

Stu & the Stooge Team














Nobody asked for this but we’ve heard that home / Zoom cafes are a thing… and if you’d ever like to pretend you are sipping your coffee back in the shop, we’ve put over 70hrs of tunes from our quieter background playlist in a Spotify link below. It’s very cafe.